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We design communication.

Branding work created for RFMD.
We design communication.

About Us

We’re creative thinkers, developers, and solution makers. Underneath it all, we’re nice people to work with. We listen to you—the most valuable part of our team—and work together to develop solutions that work.

Small but mighty.

Our small size allows us to be flexible and keep our eye on the prize—our client’s success. Don’t let our small size make you think we can’t help you with your project. If your project requires additional resources, we’ll build a team specific to your project. We have a trusted network that can provide strategy, public relations, animation, illustration video, photography and specialty writing.  

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We’d be happy to discuss your ideas or your next project.

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Gayle T. Vivere
Gayle T. Vivere
Creative Director

Hi. I’m Gayle.

I’ve been working as a graphic designer since a little before I graduated from Northern Illinois University. After graduating, I began working in studios and agencies in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

I slowly made my way down the coast of California, taking the time to work on a graduate program at San Jose State while freelancing.

I took a corporate job at Trimble Navigation, where I learned a lot about corporate branding, and how companies work together with really great agencies. I found that working in a corporation limited the types of projects I could work on, so I decided to find clients that had projects that I could really sink my teeth into.

Here I am, twenty (or so) years later, and still working on challenging projects with clients that I love. My husband (see below) has joined The Team and adds an immense technology resource, as well as a handsome mug to our office.

Modes of communication have changed, but the underlying thought process has not. I’m still here, thinking and creating, with more technology and better, faster ways to get your messages out.


Jon Paul Vivere
Jon Paul Vivere
Technology Director

Hello. I’m Jon Paul.

I have been programming since I was 10 years old. I’ve always been fascinated with discovering how to make things work.

I graduated with a degree in Physics from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and have since worked for various companies using my skills in electronic engineering, embedded systems, firmware development, application engineering, international technical sales, project management, programming and web development. I even worked at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works designing antennas for the latest generation of stealth fighters.

Today, I work with my wife developing and programming customized solutions for websites or any technical project. I prioritize efficiency, a big-picture view of a project, and delivering quality products.

Technology changes on a daily basis, but my grasp of the fundamental concepts and issues helps me stay on top of current trends. I’m always looking forward to integrating new technologies to help build a better and more efficient world.